Devil1 Lobotomy Kit
Devil1P Lobotomy Kit for xTool D1 Pro

Devil1P Lobotomy Kit for xTool D1 Pro


NOTE: this is product is not compatible with the 40W Pro, nor the D1 Pro 2.0

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Tired of the limitations and funky behavior of your xTool D1 Pro? Not willing to wait for fixes only to be told you have to plunk down several hundred dollars to get a new machine that adds features common to most other desktop laser engravers? Well then, have I got a product for you.  After the success of the Proof of Concept Edition of the Devil1 for xTool D1 machines, and subsequent launch of the Production Edition, it was time to move all the over the Devil1P Lobotomy Kit for xTool D1 Pro machines.

What’s this?

The Devil1P Lobotomy Kit is professionally designed and manufactured, top to bottom. Easy access to the ports on the back side thanks to a large opening in in the Devil1P’s chassis.  The LCD detaches by removing two low profile thumbscrews, which can go back into chassis and not stick out like a sore thumb. Large robust power switch on the front, plus an extra switch for toggling on the cross hair (guide light).  All included cables are sleeved and labeled, and will fit both standard size D1 Pro machines as well as those using extension rails.  Assistmate, the little controller for automating air assist is part of the Devil1P Lobotomy Kit, as is four corner limit switches, a 16GB SD card for loading your jobs to and running remotely,  

How does it work?

The Devil1P Lobotomy kit is a complete brain replacement for the xTool D1 Pro. You disconnect the original control board and wire harness from the the D1 Pro, and connect the Devil1P Lobotomy Kit instead.  (You can switch back at any time!) Setup and installation are about 20min, maybe. I provide files for Lightburn (sorry, no Laserbox or XCS compatibility), as well as a setup guide. You do not need any special tools for the Devil1P installation, as all parts where designed to fit to the chassis as is.

NOTE It is likely that any warranty claims will be rejected if xTool knows you’re using this product. You have been warned.

What do you gain from using the Devil1P?

  • Limit switches that are both robust, accurate, and don’t trigger without reason
  • Automated air assist control
  • LCD control interface
  • Web control interface
  • Compatibility with Lightburn, LaserGRBL, UGC, and most any software that isn’t proprietary
  • Store and repeat jobs from SD card
  • Access to each and every setting in the firmware, so that you can tune the D1 Pro any way you want it.
    • Examples: move Home to a different corner, swap the X and Y to make your machine wide instead of tall, and so on
  • Ability to add more options later, developed by yourself or others

What do you lose by using the Devil1P?

  • Compatibility with any xTool software
  • Flame and crash sensors 
  • Possibly your warranty (second warning)
  • A small amount of engraving area (limit swtiches)

-Doesnt a D1 Pro already have limit switches?
*Well, yes, and they kinda suck on many levels.  

-Can I still use my xTool rotary and other stuff I bought?
*Yes, you should be able to use every accessory currently available for the D1. The only time this may not be the case is if xTool releases something that only works with their software.

-Can this damage my D1 Pro?
*Only in the same ways that the original control board could damage the D1 Pro. Outside of that, there is nothing that I am aware that could damage any part of the D1.

-Do I need to drill any holes or anything?

-I bought extensions for the D1 Pro, will this work with that?
*Yes! The kits work for both an extended D1 and regular size, no upgrade kit needed

-Where do I find support?
*On the Devil1 Production Edition support page

-How do I use Devil1 Lobotomy Kit with XCS?
*No xTool software is supported for Devil1

-What is this Assistmate thing?
*Asssitmate for Devil1 automates your air assist, allowing you to toggle your air assist pump on/off automatically in Lightburn

-Can I change the power or speed on the fly?
Yes, yes you can.  This function works in Lightburn as well as the web, LCD, and app interfaces

Additional information

Weight 4.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

1 review for Devil1P Lobotomy Kit for xTool D1 Pro

  1. Wally Scherer (verified owner)

    Before getting into the review on the product I want to tell you that tech support is wonderful!! Cobey patiently answers all questions in a way to make it easy to understand and truly shows he cares about not only his customers but also anyone in the laser community.
    As for the product. I purchased it because I was tired of my projects aborting in the middle with xtool’s software/hardware. I have not had this happen now that I have switched. and added bonus is the accuracy of homing. it has mechanical switches instead of magnetic ones (I think that is how they are described). it came with a separate box to allow the air compressor to be turned on/off within the lightburn software…useful for when doing separate layers.
    the only downside (which is actually a blessing) is you have to own/learn lightburn. it has taken me a couple of weeks so far to figure things out but the community is always there to help.
    would I buy it again? definitely! I feel more confident that I won’t have a project ruined because I’m not using xtc or the oem hardware. I am more of an advocate to the product because support is fast and thorough in explaining things.

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