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What's all this?

Normally, I don’t use affiliate codes.  Why?  For myself, I see pushing affiliate codes as a conflict of interest.   Doubly so if used in conjunction with a sponsored review.  I mean, let’s think about this setup for a minute.  If a company sends me a free product, and, I get a kickback every time you buy it, then it sets up a scenario where it’s in my best interest to get you to buy that product.  Therefore, it’s in my best interest to not be 100% honesty, as anything negative I might have to say about the product reduces the chances of getting you to buy it.   Effectively, I’m a paid advertisement who gets extra depending on how effective I am at selling you on a product.  In addition, if I’m offering an affiliate link, there is a chance that someone expects that I 100% support the company. 

Being a paid advertiser is not my goal.  Being an endorser of a specific company is not my goal.  Pretty much everything has positives and negatives, pretending otherwise is lying to myself and you.  Sure, what I consider a negative might not matter to you, and ditto for positives.  But, if I don’t tell you  both, how can you decide if said product is good for you or not? 

What’s changed?

Over time, I’ve gotten many requests for, well, affiliate links.  Or a way for someone to send me tips for the help I’d provided them.  Up until now, I’ve ducked and dodged on those questions.  One of my friends got me to reconsider my stance.  Her thought was, if people wanted to use affiliate links that I should enable them to do so, but in a way which would not be in conflict with my stance on the matter.  And I still argued about it a bit….

At her suggestion, here we are.  This page is specifically for those who want to use affiliate links which would benefit me/Geeks At Large.  It’s the only place you will find these links; they will not put posted anywhere else in the store, on FacebookYouTube, etc.


Offers various galvo fiber and diode lasers, as well as your typical diode laser types and accessories.  I first ran into them when looking for a cheap entry level fiber laser, and ended up buying their B3 30W with a Max source.

2% off coupon code: geeksatlarge

Oh, you know this place, they sell all kinds of laser engraver stuff, and much, much more.

Laser of various sorts, including the D1 diode series, M1 all in one, P2 CO2, and F1 diode/IR galvo

For sending tips, PayPal

October 15, 2022

Well, what’s all this then? Ah! Geeks At Large now has a website of its very own! Our Etsy store will remain open for the time being, but some items may not be available there. This move to an ecommerce site of our own allows me to create bundles/combinations much more efficiently while not making the site a chaotic mess and shipping charges that are way out of line. On the whole, I believe it will be a significant improvement for myself and you, my customers.

To kick off the website, I have a couple of new products for you! Owners of D1 Pro machines can now get replacement laser module cables in 1.5 meter and 3 meter lengths. These cables are sleeved end to end, with shrink tubing holding the ends to the cables. Standard (Classic?) D1 owners with 20W modules, I now have extension cables for the extra power supply cable. These two have the woven mesh sleeve and shrink tubing. Oh yeah, and, uhm, there is Hybrid 1 Proof of Concept version, a solution made specifically for standard D1 owners who have ended up with multiple modules but only one machine to use them on. Hybrid 1 is a smaller general purpose engraver chassis, with about 10″x10″ worth of engraving area, and most all the features of Devil1.

Lastly, I’d like to thank some really awesome people.

Doug Brown of Viper Designed, who has challenged many of my assumptions, mentored/schooled me in areas where I am weak, and is the creator of the Devil1 logo, something he took upon himself to do because “it had to be done.” Did I mention that he’s a pretty awesome guy that lets me listen to his rides purr and roar, shows me some of the things he finds out his way that I’d love am arm to have over on the west coast?

Daniel Gonzales of Alive Pixel, the lead behind the team that built this new website. In the last 6mo or so, we’ve worked together on a lot of new things. Sometimes his products, sometimes mine. We’ve established both a friendship and a business relationship which I hope can be expanded to encompass more of the product designer/makers in the community. Oh yeah, and I get to tell his significant other that no, really, the stuff he does is totally normally for guys like us.

You the reader, the real reason this is all here. Without your support and confidence, Geeks At Large would not be where it is now. To you, my biggest thanks. I will continue to strive to deserve your praise and support.