Devil1 Lobotomy Kit
Devil1 Lobotomy Kit Production Edition for xTool D1

Devil1 Lobotomy Kit Production Edition for xTool D1


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What is the Devil1 Lobotomy kit??

The Devil1 Lobotomy Kit is a complete brain replacement for the xTool D1. The original control board and wire harness are disconnected from the rest of the D1, but you can switch back at any time. Setup and installation are about 10min, maybe. I provide files for Lightburn (sorry, no Laserbox or XCS compatibility), as well as video install and setup guide. No tools special tool are needed for the installation, as all parts where designed to fit to the chassis as is.  You will remove and replace a grand total of 3 screws on the D1.

After the success of the Proof of Concept Edition of the Devil1 for xTool D1 machines, it’s time to take all the lessons learned and move on to the more refined and feature rich Production Edition. Don’t worry PoC owners, I’m sticking to my promise to you for an upgrade kit so that you’re not left out after having supported this little venture.

What’s changed from the earlier PoC version?

Let’s start with the chassis. Professionally designed and manufactured, top to bottom. A bit bigger, with easier access to the ports on the back side. The LCD detaches by removing two low profile thumbscrews, which can go back into chassis and not stick out like a sore thumb. Extra cooling added, to reduce temps inside the chassis down closer to room temperature. Larger, more robust power switch, plus an extra switch for toggling on the cross hair (guide light), something that I mistakenly left out of the PoC edition.

That extra cooling is going to be helpful, as the stepper drivers have been changed out to higher precision versions which also quiet the D1 down while in motion. I know I love hearing my machines whir, but not everyone else does, and who doesn’t like more precise movement?

Speaking of movement, there are now limit switches for all four corners. While this does help prevent you from running the modules into the rails, there is another benefit. Not everyone liked Home being in the left front corner. Now, with switches in all corners, you can change Home to be in any corner you like. Have Y extension rails and want to change the origin to something that makes sense when you’re working from the side? No problem, it’s just changing the machine settings to put Home where you want it (this topic will be covered in the Support section).

The chassis wasn’t the only thing to get a makeover. All cables are now sleeved, and, labeled.

Assistmate, the little controller for automating air assist is part of the Production version.

One kit to fit them all – even if you don’t have Y extension rails now, Production version some with both short and long cables, so you can add the rails later and not have to buy anything else for your Devil1.

16GB SD card now comes standard. Load your frequent jobs up on it, run them from the LCD or web interface.

What is in the Devil1 Lobotomy Kit Production Edition?

  1. Main chassis/shell, all metal
  2. LCD housing, all metal
  3. Cables, all sleeved and labeled
    1. Standard and extended module cables
    2. Standard and extended limit switch cables
  4. Four limit switches, in housings
    1. Two for X axis
    2. Two for Y axis
  5. 16GB SD Card
  6. Assistmate and power cable 

NOTE It is likely that any warranty claims will be rejected if xTool knows you’re using this product. You have been warned.

What do you gain from using the Devil1 Lobotomy Kit?
-Limit switches
-LCD control interface
-Web control interface
-Compatibility with Lightburn, LaserGRBL, UGC, and most any software that isn’t proprietary
-Offline engraving and cutting
-Store and repeat jobs from SD card
-Access to each and every setting in the firmware, so that you can tune the D1 any way you want it.
-Ability to add more options later, developed by yourself or others

What do you lose by using the Devil1 Lobotomy Kit?
-Compatibility with any xTool software
-Possibly your warranty (second warning)

-What does ‘Proof of Concept version’ mean?
*It means that everything should be working just great, but it may not be the most attractive thing. This, he Production version, is the prettier, more feature rich, and more expensive version. My goal was to offer anyone who bought the Proof of Concept version a way to upgrade their unit to the Production version for free or very cheaply, and I’m keeping that promise. Those owners are being offered an upgrade kit priced such that their total cost is equal to or less than the cost of the Production version.

-Can I still use my xTool rotary and other stuff I bought?
*Yes, you should be able to use every accessory currently available for the D1. The only time this may not be the case is if xTool releases something that only works with their software.

-Can this damage my D1?
*Only in the same ways that the original control board could damage the D1. Outside of that, there is nothing that I am aware that could damage any part of the D1.

-Do I need to drill any holes or anything?
*Nope! All parts were designed to attach to the D1 using already in place holes

-I bought extensions for the D1, will this work with that?
*Yes! The kits work for both an extended D1 and regular size, no upgrade kit needed

-How do I use Devil1 Lobotomy Kit with XCS?
*No xTool software is supported for Devil1

-What is this Assistmate thing?
*Asssitmate for Devil1 automates your air assist, allowing you to toggle your air assist pump on/off automatically in Lightburn

-Can I change the power or speed on the fly?
Yes, yes you can.  This function works in Lightburn as well as the web, LCD, and app interfaces

Additional information

Weight 4.9 lbs
Dimensions 11.9 × 9 × 6 in

5 reviews for Devil1 Lobotomy Kit Production Edition for xTool D1

  1. James Brown

    I bought this as a preorder a little while back. This absolutely takes the D1 to the next level. The price is pretty cheap for the features you get too. Takes a little time to get the cables managed nicely but aside from that this is a pretty easy upgrade to do. The instructions are excellent! The product was also secured very well in the packaging and neatly organized. Very happy with the product. Does everything it claims to do and is excellent quality.

  2. Kevin Bishop (verified owner)

    I’ve not yet used it. But the ordering, delivery, and installation was great. Timely back and forth communication helped a lot during the install process. Honestly, who wants to rip apart their desktop laser blind? The direct communication for help in my opinion coupled with just absolute awesome “make it right” attitude made this a wonderful experience.

  3. Kevin Bishop (verified owner)

    I’ve not yet ran the unit, but everything from the moment I bought my D1 and looked up upgrades has impressed me about the geeks at large company. This company is fixing the shortcomings of another company. He’s also applying that same “make it right” attitude to his own company’s interactions with customers.

    Evidenced by his generosity with freely downloadable files to enhance your engraver. He also makes himself available to “hold your hand” and guide you thru the devil1 install. If you’ve got any questions he’s right there to answer them himself. No bots, no run-around third party “tech support”. You have a issue, the man is there with the answer. And if he doesn’t have it, he helps you sus it out.

    The kit came with everything I needed to install it quickly. The end stops fit perfectly. The cables are labeled and professional looking wraps unlike the original makeblock cables.

    Great experience all around. I have other purchases I plan on like the hybrid. I really can’t say enough greatness about this experience.

    He literally took something I regretted buying and made it what I had been expecting and more. Thank you so much.

  4. Christopher F Carver

    I would give it 10 stars if I could. Love this thing!! Love the service most!!

    Cobey is phenomenal! Hands down the best in the business if your looking for support/ training/ or anything related to lasers. I can not say enough about his communication and how much he wants to truly help you. His site is easy to navigate. He instructions are clear (With pictures guys) I look forward to working with and expanding my Geeks At Large collection many years into the future.

    The Devil 1 is FREAKING awesome also!!! I can promise you will not be unsatisfied with the equipment OR service when it comes to this Geeks At Large. My accuracy has increased so much!! Before installing and using the Devil 1, I thought my accuracy was “pretty good”. After installing OMG it was sad before it is a NOTICABLE difference even to a noob. There are certain thing you have to do differently but all in all its a seamless process. Plug and play for the most part. IF you have questions you’re dealing with one of the most patient/ understanding guys you’ll ever meet.

    Everything is 150% (I know not possible but, feels this way) as expected/ desired. Geeks At Large is really one of those businesses you will love working with!!

  5. Douglas Jones (verified owner)

    Let’s start this review where one should, the package. The way the Devil1 is packaged for shipment is phenomenal. Everything is properly packaged in foam and fits into the box like a glove. He must know a packaging engineer! Needless to say, everything arrived in perfect condition even though the shipper had damaged the box. Assembly is pretty simple, really. One of the limit switches fit a bit loosely on mine. A quick consultation with Cody, a little masking tape and everything is nice and snug (Cody tells this is not unusual on the original D1 as xTool engineering doesn’t always produce the same size part). Wiring is straight forward and should not be a problem as each cable a labeled making identification easy. After getting everything cabled up and organizing the cable runs as I like them, I flashed the firmware (I know it is in Chinese just following the instructions and click the buttons as outlined. It is easy! Probably easier if you can read Chinese. I cannot but had no problems.) I then loaded the settings into Lightburn and away I went. The unit itself works like a charm. I have had zero problems and I am getting used to using absolute coordinates. You do not have to use absolute coordinates; you can use the other modes and never worry again about your laser hear banging into a rail repeatedly. In fact, it won’t collide once thank to the limit switches!

    If you have an original D1 like I do, then this is the ‘must have’ upgrade category!

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