The xTool F1 Action Button
xTool F1 Action Button

xTool F1 Action Button


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The xTool F1 Action Button is a nice little add-on for your F1 laser engraver, used to kick off the currently loaded job in XCS. If no current job is loaded, the prior job is run. By using a button instead of a foot pedal, there is less chance of pet or child induced damage or accidental activation. Geeks At Large’s budget friendly button option comes in multiple colors, allowing you to choose the look you prefer.

xTool F1 Action Button Plug-in Location
xTool F1 Action Button Plug-in Location


See how it works in this video featuring a custom jumbo size version!

Our buttons are rated for 10,000,000 cycles, giving it a very long life. Strain relief is built in, reducing the chance of damage to the ~940mm (~37″) cable.

***xTool F1 Action Button is not compatible with the F1 Ultra (yet)***

For product support, please visit our support page.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Red, Yellow, Purple

1 review for xTool F1 Action Button

  1. Craig Hammond (verified owner)

    I just recently bought an F1 and it came with a foot pedal action button. This seemed great after using the button on the machine for a few days. (Which seemed so far away even though it was on the same desk as my laptop.) But I realized that a foot pedal wasn’t as easy as I liked as it kept sliding under my desk, and safety wise, I became concerned someone would accidentally activate my machine. So I decided to buy a button but Xtool’s pricing seemed a bit high. Then I saw Geeks-at-large’s buttons in various colors at an amazing price. I bought one and it’s been great. The color matches my machine and the cord is long enough so I can position just right. The feel of the button is just right. So I don’t feel like I have to pound it nor am I concerned it will break every time I use it.

    So after draining my wallet buying a machine, this was a no brainer and I’m glad I bought it.

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