Elegoo Limit Switches
Elegoo Phecda Limit Switch Kit

Elegoo Phecda Limit Switch Kit


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Elegoo Phecda Limit Switch Kit add limits switches to all four corners of Elegoo Phecda series laser engravers.  Quick and painless installation, just follow the instructions on our product support page.  

Why make this upgrade?  For use of Absolute Coordinates, which allows you precise repeatability.  Not happy with the results of your burn?  Run it again, with assurance that the laser will go to the exact place it needs to be to add that second pass.

Machine limit switch locations

When only two limits ‘will do’ or ‘be fine, why limits in all four corners for the Elegoo Phecda Limit Switch Kit?

  • Your machine will stop if directed to go out of bounds accidentally, avoiding that nasty grinding of belts on gears
  • Enables you to have an exact engraving area, rather than an average 
  • Maybe you don’t want Home to be in the front left corner, but the back left or right. With limits in all four corners, you can change where the machine Homes to. 



Typical Shipping Time: 3-5 business days

Backorder Shipping Time: 3-5 weeks

International shipping: Please use our Esty shop

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1 review for Elegoo Phecda Limit Switch Kit

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Worked great. The only difficulty I had was my own fault. (Double check where you’ve plugged the connectors on the controller board.) The settings instructions were perfect. The short section on the Y cable could be 1/2″ longer, but it works. I also installed the Air Assist, which also gets five stars.
    Now my Phecda has limits switches and air control!

    Thank you for making this product!

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