Creality Falcon2 Camera Kit
Creality Falcon2 Camera Kit

Creality Falcon2 Camera Kit


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This is a handy dandy camera kit for Creality Falcon2  series laser engraver. Though it can be used just for monitoring the Falcon2 doing its business, the real goodness comes from using it with Lightburn.   

For more of an idea of what it can do, please see the demo I did using the kit: Camera kit demo for xTool D1  (same setup, different machine). 

Why so big?



Why so big?

More than a year has gone by since Geeks At Large released it’s first camera kit for xTool D1 machines.  Now that the big names have added their products to the mix, we only have one question: Compensating for much?

The Geeks At Large camera kit for Creality Falcon2 machines is half the size, fitting into more enclosures than the competition, including their own enclosures!



Installation (general):
I tried to make this as simple as possible – it’s one screw to attach to the frame. So, like a minute of your time? For center mount, add two screws to a total of three. This is more along the lines of 5min tops. Once mounted, you aim the camera at the bed, and set the focus of the camera. I’ll put 5min here too, for a total of around 10min. And now you’re ready for doing the camera setup in Lightburn.  Take a look at our support page for video instructions for assembly and Lightburn setup.

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