xTool D1 20W & D1 Pro Complete Air Assist Kit
Complete Air Assist Kit for xTool D1 Pro & 20W

Complete Air Assist Kit for xTool D1 Pro & 20W


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About the Air Assist:
Based on my original design for the D1, this design continues the trend of not require cutting the laser shield (and potentially voiding your warranty) or removing the shield entirely. It was designed after reading through studies done for industrial lasers, which concluded that offset jet assist designs were up to 20% more efficient than standard cone types.

The resin printed assist is positioned back from the focal point of the laser beam with its brass nozzle up front, centered on the focal point. In the event of material ignition, the air jet from the nozzle pushes the flame away from the laser module and the body of the assist itself so that both have some protection. Because of its positioning, it is also not as susceptible to damage from flash ignition as cone designs.

Air supply:
Paired up with the pump I usually suggest and sell, the assists in this kit are specifically performance tuned for this configuration

The hose nipple on the assist is set up for 1/4″ OD tubing, the same kind typically used for drip irrigation. The kit includes a quick connect fitting, which the buyer can decided to use or just go with the built in hanger on the modules. 3 feet of tubing come along with it, just in case you need it.

Each assist is tested for fit, leaks, and performance before being packed for your order. Any lot built with more than 25% failures is thrown away entirely, to minimize latent defects from going to customers. As time goes on, I make adjustments and changes based on owner feedback and failure data, part of the continual improvement philosophy.

The process has been made as simple as possible, requiring no tools at all. It just slips on and stays there. Be sure to push it all the way down so it’s flush with the base of the lens ring.

Install video: Air Assist Install For the D1 20W and D1 Pro


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in


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